How to replace your stamp text plate

If you need a new stamp imprint, you can easily change the stamp text plate on all self-inking stamp models. Please make sure that you choose the replacement text plate that fits your existing stamp model, as we will also send you a new stamp pad with the text plate in order to guarantee a perfect stamp imprint.

In order to change your stamp text plate, proceed as follows:

  • Remove ink pad (how to do that we show you here)
  • Print the stamp 5-10 times on paper (in order to remove ink)
  • Turn stamp upside down and press down completely (so that the text plate is visible)
  • Lock stamp mechanism (so you can remove the existing text plate). All stamps have a locking function (buttons, sliders).
  • Clean text plate with paper handkerchief (to avoid dirty fingers)
  • Remove extisting text plate (self-adhesive)
  • Apply new text plate precisely and straight (modern stamps offer a grid for alignment)
  • Insert replacement ink pad
  • Release lock mechanism by pushing down stamp
  • Apply some test stamp imprints on paper until all the stamp elements stamp neatly

Using our Quick Search you will easily find the right text plate for your existing stamp model.

Replacing the stamp text plate for tripod stamps:

Video instructions:

Replacing the stamp text plate for compact stamps:

Video instructions: