Design stamps combined with text & graphics online - this is how it works!

Below we show you how to use our online editor for designing your stamp combined with text and graphics in order to create an individual stamp online.

You can design your personal stamp according to your wishes, because in our editor you can upload your own stamp graphic and add a text. Companies choose this possibility, for example, as their company stamp if they want to design their own stamp with a logo.

Our video tutorials

Step 1a: Upload graphic or select clipart

In the first step you can upload your own graphic or choose a clipart from our clipart gallery to start designing your stamp. In the Clipart Gallery you will find selected templates for bonus card stamps, school stamps and various cliparts for different professions, gastronomy symbols and symbols for stamps in private use (flowers, animals, sports etc.).

h2 class="margin-top-40 margin-bottom-20">Step 1b: Enter / edit text as required

In step 1b you can enter the desired number of text lines in the stamp editor, select fonts and change the line spacing. Edit your text as required and you can see directly in the preview what your stamp imprint will look like and how large your imprint will be.

The SHIFTING text function is also important for the design, so that you can set the desired distance to your uploaded graphic as well as the exact positioning of the stamp text elements.

Step 1c: Optimize and position graphic

The stamp graphic or clipart you uploaded can be positioned as desired in our editor. Using the SHIFTING function, you can choose whether the logo / graphic should be placed on the left, right, above or below the text. In any case, the graphic is positioned so that you can see the text above the graphic.

If your uploaded graphic contains unnecessary white borders, you can use the OPTIMISE function in our stamp editor to remove them.

You have the possibility to download and print a 1:1 preview as PDF at any time, so that you can view and check your stamp imprint on A4 paper in the actual imprint size.

In addition to the text and your graphic, you can add a frame around the imprint to give your stamp a personal touch. You can define the line thickness and corner rounding of the frame yourself.

Step 2: Choose your stamp model

After you have finished designing and and have checked your stamp with text and graphics, the next step is to let our system show you matching stamp models.

This is how our stamp selection function works: Based on the stamp impression you have designed, the appropriate model from each stamp category is displayed, with a short description of the stamp. So you can choose which stamp you like best, or whether the stamp is more suitable for use in the office or at home. For use at home, we recommend stamps made of plastic casing, such as the Trodat Printy. For use in the office, we recommend the durable, robust Trodat Professional with metal body.

If you discover an error in your personal stamp design in this step, you can adjust the stamp text at any time using the 'EDIT IMPRINT' button and correct it again.

Step 3: Configure your stamp model

Once you have selected your desired stamp model online, you can configure your stamp model in the third and last step. You can choose the color of the stamp body and the stamp imprint online. Our system will also show you how large your imprint will be and the maximum imprint size of your chosen stamp model.

Our system now also shows you how large your impression is in relation to the maximum size of the stamp model you have chosen. In this step, you can see whether your impression takes up the entire possible surface area, or whether you could make your impression even larger for the model you want.

Before you add your stamp to the shopping cart, please check carefully that no mistakes have crept into your stamp design. In this step you will also find the button 'EDIT IMPRINT' at the top if you want to adjust your stamp text again.


If you have any further questions or difficulties on how to order your personal graphic stamp, please do not hesitate to send us your request via our request form. We are happy to help you.